Label Ombres / Frédéric D. Oberland




Born in 1978 in Paris, Frédéric D. Oberland began music on the piano at the age of 6. As a teenager, bored with his inability to play jazz piano for the weakness of his left hand, he gave up on classical music and turned to electric guitar. A multi-instrumentalist and experimenter at heart, he now tackles every instrument that he comes across with the same passion (fender rhodes, harmonium, banjo, found objects, toy instruments, saxophone, theremin, pantophone, computer music…).

Having studied cinema (La Fémis) and political science (La Sorbonne), Frédéric integrated the experimental film lab L’ETNA in 2002, making a few short films, that were then selected in various international film festivals (France, Japan, Egypt). He also composed many soundtracks to films created at L’ETNA, as well as providing music for theatre plays (Augustin Gimel, David Bart & Laurence Balan, Hugo Verlinde, Fx Drouet, Mikaël Rabetrano, Carole Arcega, Myriam Marzouki, etc). During this time he often improvised live, alone or with various ensembles (such as Medecine Music, Lem Preo, Brahman/ Arshgeil opening for Sunn O))) ). In 2007, he founded the cabaret-folk band 21 Love Hotel, touring Europe during two years, opening for artists such as Julee Cruise & Pluramon, Barbez, Nervous Cabaret, Epic 45, John Parish, Woven Hand, Kid Loco, etc.

As a composer and musician, he has since collaborated with a wide range of talent: from modern-classical (The Rustle of the Stars with Richard Knox, The Freemartin Calf with Gaspar Claus) to ambient outfits (Colin Johnco, Monolyth & Cobalt), folk (Arborea, Three Black Eyes, Dave Olliffe), spoken word (Elisa Point, Brian Lewis Saunders), pop (Alice Lewis, The Fitzcarraldo Sessions), free-noise-psychedelic (Le Réveil des Tropiques) to electroacoustic (Bérangère Maximin, Sacha Gattino) or live cinema (providing a live soundtrack to the films of Mark Tribe, Ken Brown and Boris Lehman). In July 2010, the Cinémathèque Française in Paris afforded him a carte blanche ‘Les Songs d’une Nuit d’Eté’, featuring a retrospective of his work.

Since 2009, much of his time as been devoted to a project entitled FareWell Poetry, a collective comprised of parisian musicians and the poet/filmmaker Jayne Amara Ross. Attracting attention from their first live performance, this experimental film / poetry / music related project has since performed in film festivals, churches, concert halls and other experimental acoustic spaces, inviting a wide-range of musicians to join them (Bérangère Maximin, Gaspar Claus, David Moore, David Fenech, Glissando, etc).